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LGBTQ Computer Scientists

I found this article to be quite interesting: Enjoy! I love a good computer history article. 👍💻🧮📚

Take care of our number one spacecraft

I saw a video on StarTalk about space suits cleverly titled " How to Not Die in Space ". I remember that we are  in space. We happen to be traveling through it on a sphere with a thin shield of atmosphere. Let's protect our planet to help extend the life of our species, in space. Photo by Jaymantri:

Charles (Cynthia) Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

 Here is an older picture of me, wearing a purple blouse and some silver jewelry.

Charles "Cyndi" Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

Hi there, welcome to one of my blogs. I'm Charles Cavanaugh. I'm a computer science professional and enthusiast. I also go by Cyndi, and I prefer the pronouns they/them.